Ultra Soundproof Diesel Generator DCA-300USK

An engineering marvel, the new DCA-300USK delivers the ultimate in noise suppression and power output in the market.

Unrivalled Performance.

A Quiet Powerhouse

The DCA-300USK improves on the current DCA-300ESK model and combines a low-noise engine, additional silencer and a purpose-built canopy design to realise its unique ability of producing massive power with a stealthy presence.

The innovative excitation system* fitted on DCA-300USK in conjunction with the AVR and advanced brushless generator provides fast voltage regulation in response to load variations, enabling usage almost immediately after startup. The result is outstanding output stability during load fluctuations that has become a widely-recognised quality of Denyo generators. 

The Hallmark Of Excellence

*U.S.Patent No.4268788

Safely power the most sensitive loads, such as thyristors, invertors and computer systems, without the risk of damage to these loads, thanks to the high-level electrical characteristics of the generator's output.

Synchronous brushless alternator for minimal wear.

Designed to function in all climatic conditions.

The only brand with

ultra-silent generator in

the 300 Class.

Lowest noise level of all

silent generators

in the market.

Immediate availability

for deployment in your


Why Choose Denyo DCA-300USK

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

The DCA-300USK also comes decked out with environmental-friendly features that complies fully with major international pollution control regulations. Perfect for deployment in highly urban and densely populated areas for a variety of projects and applications.

Technical Specifications

Experience The Superiority Of

Ultra Silence

Experience the new ultra-soundproof diesel generator DCA-300USK and discover how it can bring newfound efficiencies to your projects and more opportunities for your business. Talk to us today. 

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